Many people believe Sony’s PSP games are overpriced, so here’s a free download tutorial

Psp homebrew games from the web to your computer and install them on your psp.


Commercial Psp games are placed in small disks that you can carry easily, but you can also store them in your memory sticks.


Get a Memory Stick for your PSP:


The PSP comes with a small 32MB card that is not big enough to store a lot of video clips

Games, so you need to buy more memory. These cards come in different sizes,

If you have enough money, get a 1 GB memory stick, but you should consider that 256 MB should be enough.

Then, insert the new memory stick into your PSP and re-format it. on your computer:


The so-called “Homebrew PSP” games will be loaded into your PSP; they are custom made

Design games produced by programmers. It simulates other game controllers and enables you to play

Games from keyboards such as Nintendo, Supernintendo, Megadrive, Neogeo and much more

More. games are downloadable throughout the web and are usually compressed

Zip file archive. Please make sure that the files you download end with “psp”, because that is

The game programmer has been summoned to different controllers and platforms, and only a copy

With “psp” in the file name will be compatible with your PSP.


Unfortunately, most PSP home games work with 1.5 Firmware and just under (Sony is trying

To ban people from playing psp home games), check the firmware version of your PSP, and if you have a newer version of PSP, please think about lowering the PSP score for you. If you have a firmware program later than 1.5, you may often get errors such as “Data is corrupted” or “The game could not be played.”


Connect the PSP to your computer:


Well, you’ve downloaded the games on your computer and now just put your PSP in USB mode

And connect it to your computer via USB cable; your PSP will determine your operating system

Removable memory, and assign a drive to it. Drag and drop the PSP games in this drive, at

PSP Guide> GAME. If the “PSP” and “GAME” folders are not already in your PSP

Memory Stick, you need to create two new folders (name them in ALL CAPS).


Unplug the PSP from your computer:


After you have completely transferred PSP games to your device memory, disconnect the USB

Connect your PC cable to the PSP.


Play downloaded games:


Once you have copied the games onto your memory stick, select the GAME column

Your PSP is then a memory stick option; you should be able to see the list available



Errors? If you find any error in your PSP (such as “corrupted data error”), the probability of your presence is

The game download is not compatible with the firwmare version installed on your PSP.