The SCOPV commonly meets regularly. That is about two times in one year. The location is in USA. Sure, many people are interesting in such this one and want to know much more about it including the recent discussion of the API monogram. In the API’s SCOPV commonly the attendees are about one hundred. The votes are conducted for the sealing companies, valve manufacturers, contractors, and so on. Still the public visitors are still welcome to come there. They can also contribute in the discussions even though they could not join the vote. That may also be including the professional as like KP-Lok which is also in this field of industry. Sure, that is really interesting to know much about the activities of the API’s SCOPV and also about the discussions of API’s Monogram. That is the reason why we are going to talk about it below and hopefully you may get such the good and clear overview associated with such the topic.


The Activities of the API’s SCOPV

There are about 16 API Refinery standards of valves and also the practices which become the scope of the API SCOPV. The standards are also commonly getting revised every some years, which are about three to four years. Recently, especially in some years, the standards of API which are new have been issued and of course they are also well developed. There are some lessons learnt and of course they can be the solution in dealing with the proper development. That is including in dealing with the development of the ball valve which may be really needed in the industry. That is then giving a bunch of great result which is suitable the needs of the people and also offers the better standards which are nearly perfect from time to time.


The Discussions about API Monogram

There are of course some good and bad points which may come with the API monogram and of course the discussion is also involved in such the regular meeting. That is including about the discussion in API’s SCOPV. The meeting of SCOPV gave such the indication that there s no end user member that has requested such the valve manufacturers to be such the compliant of API monogram. Some of the manufacturers stated that they own the approval of the monogram.  There are some key areas which are also suggested by the SCOPV. They may be the solution in dealing with such the situation. That may also be the way in dealing with it.


The Conclusion

The concern about the monogram becomes what the API concerns about and of course it has been discussed well even though people still have no idea about it especially in the future. It may result something or perhaps results nothing. That is still the great things to consider in dealing with such the API monogram but for sure the field of the industries need to get the updates related to this issue. That is because it is completely important to consider about the best thing which is totally safe, effective, yet efficient including in this field of industry. article by KP-LOK










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